C.L. Tech: Universal Grid Systems – Open Short Tester (Only in India)

With more than 30 years of experience and knowledge CL Tech offer full range of Universal Grid Systems which allow flexibility in using most of the fixture models and data preparation available on the market. The system’s tailor-made electronics provide it mechenical strength, speed and reliability.

Our universal grid machines are available with 2 technologies:

Plug-In: Scanner board integrated in the test area.
Wired: Scanner board connect to the test area with wires.
GT20-20 and Valid8 machines use the test board integrated in the test area, while Precise and Micro uses the wire connection toward the test area.

GT20-20 can be equipped with an automatic belt system for loading and unloading that can be installed on site. This allows the machine to reach a productivity up to 1.000 PCB/hour or with an automatic arm system with speed up to 450 PCB/hour. The available testing areas are 12.8” x 11.2” e 16.8” x 12.8” for any mentioned density. Other testing area configuration are available on demand.

Valid8 has maximum test area 19,2″ x 16″, for any density. Inferior and superior active area. It is a system developed for testing large PCB with a high number of test points like back planes, servers boards, mother boards, etc.

Precise is available with any grid step, even on clients request with the maximum test area at 24” x 20” and the number off test points at 48.000 (per test area).

Micro is available with a single or double density grid. The maximum test area is 365mm x 284mm (14,4″ x 11,2″) and the maximum number of test points is 32.256 (for test area).