SCALABLE Network News Summer 2020

SCALABLE is committed to the health and safety of our global customers and partners. During this time we have released a series of webinars featuring our innovative software solutions. All webinars are being offered on-demand on our website. Take a glimpse below to see the highlights and watch the full versions at your leisure.

1. How Your Networked Enterprise Behaves Under a Cyber Attack Using Network Digital Twins

The webinar will highlight some key features and benefits of using network digital twins to prepare for a cyber attack.
How network digital twins offer safe, scalable, cost-effective solutions
Mitigating operational impacts of cyber threats such as virus propagation, malware and DDOS attacks
Why network planners use emulation to assess the performance of their networks under a diverse set of operation conditions

2. Network Planning Framework to Support Mobile Communications

The webinar will focus on IPT3N, an integrated simulation-based network planning framework with a set of semi-automated tools to reduce the complexity of network planning.
Setting up test networks cost-effectively and efficiently using IPT3N
Using IPT3N to determine the tower locations for a LTE network layout in Yosemite National Park
How IPT3N can be used to automatically determine suitable tower locations based on the terrain and channel characteristics.

3. Cyber Effects on Communication with VT MAK

In this joint webinar with VT MAK, we discuss how EXata network emulator integrates with VR Forces and enables high-Fidelity modeling of the communications to better reflect the impact of cyber-attacks on the mission.
Value of adding high fidelity modeling of communications
Seamless integration of communications with VT Forces
Visualization of the impact of cyber attacks on the mission.

4. High Fidelity Modeling of 5G Networks

In the webinar, we will introduce our new 5G Model library. The 5Gmodel library, works in conjunction with EXata 7.2, our high fidelity network emulator. We will also discuss how wireless network simulation offers an efficient, cost-effective way to assess how a network will behave under different operating conditions.
Benefits of moving to 5G
High Fidelity modeling of 5G
What is included in our new 5G Model Library.

5. Innovative SCADA Cybersecurity Training Using Network Digital Twins

In this webinar, we will highlight our unique solution in protecting Critical Infrastructure, EXata for Cyber-Physical Systems (EXata CPS), and our Network Dense Trainer (NDT).
The impact of cyber-attacks on critical SCADA operations
How can we predict the complex interactions between cyber-attacks, defensive actions, and Cyber-Physical Systems?

How do we safely train operators to prevent or contain cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure?