E/O Sensor Technology

Our extensive range of electro-optical sensor technologies include shortwave infrared cameras, laser range finders, thermal imagers and thermal video tracking module, proxy board and other accessories.



EO Sensors System

Integrated the High Resolution Cooled IR Thermal Image, Long Range LRF and HD CCTV in compact lugged enclosure with single MCU Interface/Communication/Control Electronic Circuit Board.

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Forward Observation System

HawkEye FOS is a compact system developed to provide forward observers with battlefield surveillance, target acquisition, reports of the enemy and shooting observation for day and night operations.

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Hawkeye FOS


Laser Range Finder

Our laser range finder systems are suitable for applications including gunfire control systems, target acquisition and tracking, forward observation, coast guard surveillance, and homeland and border security.

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Laser Range Finder Summary

Condor II-1Hz_IL-UU    Condor II-C (E) UU    Condor II-C UU(E) Open Frame

Condor III-A TL-UU    Condor III-B (10Km)-UU

Condor VII (E)-7Km UU (1)    Condor VII (E)-10Km UU (2)


Short Wave Infrared Cameras

This InGaAs short wave infrared camera was achieved through 100% in-country development. Applications include semiconductor wafer inspection, solar cell inspection, machine vision, laser beam profilling, camouflage detection, fruit inspection, aircraft de-icing, near infrared imaging and imaging spectroscopy.

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SWIR-320DE3   SWIR-640DE3


Thermal Imagers

Our thermal imagers are suitable for surveillance, defense and search and rescue applications. Confirming with military standards, they are used by the R.O.C. coast guard.

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Hawk I   Hawk II-A   Hawk III


Proxy Board

This circuit module (proxy board) has a 14-bit digital output, auto gain control (AGC), bad pixel repair (BPR) and non-uniform correction (NUC) functions. Custom design is available for various infrared systems.


Thermal Video Tracking Module

Our thermal video tracking module provides full and local area search modes, autotracking and command tracking modes and supports self-test and watchdog timer functionality. It conforms with MIL-STD-810.